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Starting preschool is an exciting, and often challenging, time for children and their families. Whether your child is entering full-time or half-day preschool in Burlington, enrolling them in a small private school like Brant Children's Centre can make that transition a whole lot easier.


There are some strategies you can use at home to help your child be better prepared for preschool. Our programs are designed to help children in Burlington learn how to get along in a group, listen, and follow directions. With a little advance preparation, these concepts will be second-nature to your child.

1. Plan more social activities. If your child hasn't spent much time with other children then sharing, taking turns and playing cooperatively will be difficult. Help your child get used to being part of a group by arranging playdates or enrolling your child in group activities, like music or gymnastics.

2. Practice listening and concentration. In pres-chool, teachers encourage busy students to sit still and listen. You can help your child prepare by occasionally asking him/her to sit quietly and close their eyes. Ask about all the different sounds they hear. Talk about what's making the sounds and where the sounds are coming from.

3. Play games that use directions. At our preschool, children are asked to follow directions that involve a series of steps. At home, you can get them accustomed to this by asking your child to do things such as, “make your bed, then brush your teeth, and then come downstairs for breakfast.”

4. Visit the school. Book a tour of the school so your child will be familiar with the playground, classroom, and teacher. When children recognize their surroundings and know what to expect, they’re more comfortable entering the school when the time comes.

5. Reassure your child. Small children need confirmation that everything will be okay. Tell them that you will be there at the end of the day, if not to pick them up, then later at home. Leave a note in their lunch box, let them carry a picture of you or a small comfort item to give them reassurance throughout their day.


At Brant Children’s Centre, we are known as “a happy place to grow and learn.” Our unique programs provide an enriched learning environment to help your child prepare for primary school.

We offer half- or full-day preschool and private kindergarten classes in Burlington. We also have before school or after school programs with transportation to and from many Burlington area primary schools. To learn more, visit our website or contact us at 905-634-5518.


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