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A picture showcasing little kids listening to the teacher

1. It’s Affordable

A board kindergarten is not free. Costs can include:

  • Before and after school care

  • Snack and lunches

  • Cost for care during PA days, holidays and staggered entrance in September

  • Some school supplies and field trip fees

Brant’s kindergarten is all-inclusive. It will cost most parents who need child care the equivalent of only a latte a day above the costs you will still pay for kindergarten and before/after school care. Can you afford to give your child an exceptional kindergarten experience in preparation for Grade One? Contact us for a fee calculation for your situation.

2. Caring Environment

Brant’s kindergarten provides separate classrooms for JK and SK. We provide a consistent environment (no change in location or staff for before and after school care). Greater teaching contact hours over the year allow us to provide a lot of individual attention. We provide nutritious snacks and hot lunches, an appreciated savings in time and money for parents.

3. Lower Teacher-Child Ratios

We work on a 1:8-1:10 teacher-child ratio, a huge advantage when your objective is to provide an enriched curriculum and individualized help for each student.

4. Our Enriched Academic Curriculum

Innovation, the three Rs and personal and social development, particularly the development of self-confidence, provide the framework behind our curriculum. See Full-Time Kindergarten for a list of activities included.


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