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Group of cute little children lying on floor indoors. Kindergarten playtime activities


There are many ways to stimulate and enhance your child’s development. One effective way is to enroll him or her in a quality educational program. At Brant Children’s Centre in Burlington, our aim is to provide an enriched learning program. We focus on building language and literacy. However, this competency is developed within an array of different activities.

  • Mathematics

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Roots & Shoots

  • Yoga

  • Language and Literacy

  • Science and Technology

  • Music and Movement

  • Gross Motor Activities

  • Life Skill Activities

  • Montessori Activities

  • Computers

  • French

Talented bright kids sketching nature


Whether your child is enrolled in our Toddler Program, Preschool, or Kindergarten, you will find a few principles guiding our work. We see potential in every child and encourage them to be curious, kind, respectful, and explore their surroundings. Our aim is to develop confidence, independence and a desire to learn in all our children. We recognize individual differences and understand that children learn in different ways.



The words to describe a toddler are busy, curious, and starting to talk. They can walk, explore, and get into mischief.

Our Toddler Program incorporates both individual activities and small group activities. Exploration is key. Our aim is to provide many different activities for the children to look at, feel, explore, and try out. Messy activities become the norm as different textures and materials are enjoyed.

Sign language is continued. However, we now spend more time enhancing language development through stories, puppets, and imaginative play. Our vocabulary development program starts as new words are introduced each week.

Self-awareness is developed by encouraging simple self-help skills such as tidying up, feeding oneself, washing hands and faces, and dressing and undressing.

Once toddlers’ physical needs are met, they are content when busy, loved, praised, and encouraged. These are the goals of our Toddler Program.

Baby toddler early development. Wooden stack and count rainbow colors learning game. Child
Adorable toddler girl having fun on playground


Although it can be difficult to choose the best preschool program for your child, here are three reasons to choose Brant Children’s Centre:

  • Your child will learn social skills. When children go to preschool, they interact with other children their age and learn important skills such as listening to others, helping others, and taking turns.

  • Your child will get a jump start on academics. A well-designed preschool in Burlington, like Brant Children’s Centre, can provide your child with the foundation needed for literacy skills, mathematical skills, motor skills, and more.

  • Your child will begin developing a sense of independence. Children will learn self-help skills as they follow classroom protocols, which in turn will help them develop a sense of self-worth and competence.

When your child attends Brant Children’s Centre, the teachers and staff work hard to help your child develop well-rounded skills. Give us a call today to discuss how our child care centre in Burlington can help your child grow!

Montessori Preschool


With the Montessori approach, we aim to offer a broad vision of education to equip children with the knowledge, confidence, and tools that they need to reach their highest potential in life. As children grow into independent adults, Montessori will facilitate their natural development. What makes this method of education effective is that it can adapt to the specific needs of an individual, regardless of their ability, learning style, or maturity level.

Here are some of the activities that foster adaptation and the ability to think and express clearly:

  • Practical life work for learning the usage of daily life tools, and care for the self, others, and the environment

  • Creative art studio with access to art media and plenty of space to encourage creativity 

  • Sensory awareness to explore with all senses and learn to describe and classify

  • Science including geography, botany, zoology and inquiry into the natural world

  • Language arts to develop reading and writing skills and literacy

  • Mathematics to progress in number awareness and operations

  • Circle time, music and movement and class meetings

Child learning letters. Kid with wooden abc blocks
Beautiful african american toddler playing with maths game using numbers at kindergarten


Many experts agree that the Kindergarten years are critical for developing basic knowledge and skills, particularly reading and math skills. Young children also need to develop independence, confidence, and curiosity to learn if they are to be successful.


Brant Children's Centre’s Kindergarten covers both the JK and SK years. By the end of SK, most students will be beginner readers. They will have an understanding of basic math concepts, strong printing skills, and general knowledge of the world around them, from their community to outer space.

Our Kindergarten is more structured and teacher-directed than the play-based, child-directed program offered in Board schools. We find that a child-directed program does not sufficiently stretch children’s minds to ideas and subjects unfamiliar to them.

happy kids doing arts and crafts in daycare centre


We are proud of our Kindergarten program. Our graduates over the years have done well. Each fall, we typically get two or three calls from a grade 1 teacher, saying how delighted he/she is to have one of our graduates and how well they are doing. Parents also come back to thank us for getting their children prepared for school, particularly for teaching them to read, the #1 precursor for success.

Young beautiful teacher and toddlers playing meals using plastic food and cutlery toy at k


Knowing your child is in good hands provides peace of mind for you to accomplish your day-to-day tasks. Whether you need some help with childcare in the morning or afternoon, Brant Children’s Centre can help with our flexible daycare programs in Burlington.



We have a fleet of two 15-passenger buses and two minivans. They are used primarily in our Before and After School Program for taking children to and from school during the school year.


During the summer, the fleet is used extensively for taking our older campers on field trips. 


We feel very fortunate to have the flexibility of our own vehicles as they allow us to enhance our programming and allow children to explore beyond their classroom environments.

Happy young boy laughing cheerfully
Cute mixed race pupils smiling at camera in the school bus

In plenty of time for each school’s starting bell, our students take buses and vans to their schools. Our transportation service extends to most schools in Burlington south of the QEW:

We coordinate with each school to ensure your child makes it to class on time every day.

Public Schools

  • John T. Tuck

  • Central

  • Frontenac

  • Tom Thompson

  • Makwendam

  • Mohawk Gardens

  • Pauline Johnson

  • Tecumseh

  • Lakeshore

  • Pineland

Separate Schools

  • St. Paul's

  • St. John's

  • St. Raphael's

  • Ascension


All of our Before and After School staff are full-time employees at Brant Children's Centre.  They are trained and devoted professionals who love working with children. They also have access to all the resources that Brant Children's Centre provides.

Other benefits of our Programs are:

  • Club-like atmosphere

  • Snack and drink each day

  • Homework help

  • Club Corner for children who just want to read or “hang out” with friends

  • Full-time Program, often with a field trip, on PA days and holidays

  • Opportunity to meet and learn with children from different schools

  • Transportation to and from your child’s school to our 2225 New Street location.

Beautiful teacher and toddler girl drawing draw using colored pencils at kindergarten


Every summer, Brant Children’s Centre offers a number of awesome day camps for children 4 to 11 years. Be sure to check out our brochure for more information.

  • Junior Adventurers – 4 to 5 Years (Completed JK)

This popular full-day camp allows the Junior Adventurers to learn about the natural world and native wildlife in many exotic locales around the world. Fees cover lunches and snacks.

  • Young Adventurers – 5 1/2 to 6 Years (Completed SK)

This popular full-day camp takes Young Adventurers around the world. They explore different countries, focusing on the animals, traditions, culture, music and food. Fees cover lunches, snacks, and field trips.

  • Sun Runners/Trail Blazers – 7 to 11 Years

This full-day camp is sought after each summer by active, curious and fun-loving campers who enjoy sports, cool crafts, hiking, creeking, and field trips.  Fees include lunches, snacks, and field trips.

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