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Our Curriculum

Brant has developed a Comprehensive Learning Curriculum (CLC) that encompasses all of the core components of the Kindergarten and Primary Curriculum Frameworks developed by the Ministry of Education. However, our CLC goes much further than Board expectations. Our aim is to expose children to as wide an array of experiences as possible.


Structured Learning Offering Play & Teaching at Our Burlington Daycare


At Brant Children’s Centre, we recognize how important play is for young learners. However, our daycare in Burlington provides structured programs and is teacher-directed rather than “play-based” and “child-directed.” Our curriculum evolves from an annualized framework of learning objectives that we have developed over many years. This framework identifies the wide array of learning activities that we want our children to experience at our daycare in Burlington, although how these activities are implemented will depend on the interests of the teachers involved and the needs and interests of the children involved that particular year.


To ensure each child is developing skills and having fun at our daycare in Burlington, we employ a Comprehensive Learning Curriculum that focuses on:

  • Language and Literacy – with an emphasis on teaching children to read
  • Mathematics – teaching basic math concepts in areas of numbers and numeration, measurement, patterning, geometry and shapes, and data management
  • Science, Technology and STEM activities – which includes exploration and experiments, computers, Wiz-Tech, Roots & Shoots
  • The Arts – offering visual arts (painting, drawing, etc.), music and movement, dance, and drama
  • Personal and Social Development – teaching manners and ethics, sports, team work, life skills, conflict resolution, swimming lessons (for Kindergarten children)

“An enriched academic curriculum, where individual and group work are fostered, becomes a catalyst for students to learn to problem solve, to think critically and to develop both the cognitive and social skills necessary for success in a changing and increasingly diverse environment.”

(Dr. H. Knoepfli, 2006)

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