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A picture of two kids and a teacher doing planting activities

Giving children an academic advantage during their early years can enhance their potential for success in later years. For many children, Kindergarten is the first formal step in their educational journey.

However, the quality and pedagogy of the Kindergarten program can determine how well you child will be prepared for Grade 1. Choose carefully. A private Kindergarten in Burlington can offer significant benefits over a program offered within a school board. One key benefit is a consistent environment with the same teachers throughout the day.


Kindergarten in public or separate schools must cater to all children in the neighbourhood. This frequently has resulted in large classes with many children requiring extra attention. While classes are led by one teacher and one early childhood educator, the high number of students and the profile of the class can make classroom management and teaching quite difficult.

The pedagogy of public Kindergartens is “child-directed and play-based”. A private Kindergarten understands the importance of play. However, its smaller class size, its ability to provide individualized attention, and its emphasis on teaching children the academics – reading and understanding basic math concepts – are basic for providing a rich environment where students acquire skills and abilities important in later years.


While it is true that public schools have no tuition fees, there are expenses. Many children require before and after school care, a significant cost. There are snacks, lunches, school supplies, costs associated with extracurricular activities, field trips and child care during PA days and holidays. In comparison, fees in a private Kindergarten in Burlington include extended hours, snacks, lunches, school supplies and holidays. The small differential cost for a private Kindergarten will be validated by the success of your child as he or she enters primary school.

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