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3180 New Street

Burlington, ON L7N 1M8

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Toddler Program

The words to describe a toddler are busy, curious and starting to talk. They can walk, explore and get into mischief.

Our Toddler Program incorporates both individual activities and small group activities. Exploration is key. Our aim is to provide many different activities for the children to look at, feel, explore and try out. Messy activities become the norm as different textures and materials are enjoyed.

Sign language is continued.

However, we now spend more time enhancing language development through stories, puppets and imaginative play. Our vocabulary development program starts as new words are introduced each week.

Self-awareness is developed by encouraging simple self-help skills such as tidying up, feeding oneself, washing hands and faces and dressing and undressing.

Once toddlers’ physical needs are met, they are content when busy, loved, praised and encouraged. These are the goals in our Toddler Program.

Outside playtime

Our new trikes!

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