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Full-Time Kindergarten in Burlington

Many experts agree that the Kindergarten years are critical for developing basic knowledge and skills, particularly reading and math skills, necessary for Grade 1. Young children also need to develop independence, confidence, a ‘joie de vivre’ and a curiosity to learn if they are to be successful.



Brant’s Kindergarten Program covers both the JK (Junior Kindergarten) and SK (Senior Kindergarten) years. Although most parents choose to send their children for the full two years, this is not mandatory. However, by the end of the SK year, most of our students will be beginner readers. They will have an understanding of basic math concepts, strong printing skills and a general knowledge of the world around them. Our strength is knowing what will interest children and building environments and activities that promote their curiosity and knowledge.

Brant’s Kindergarten is more structured and teacher-directed than the play-based, child-directed program offered in Board schools. We find that a child-directed program does not sufficiently stretch children’s minds or expose them to ideas and subjects unfamiliar to them as much as we would like and what our experience dictates children like as well!


Our Kindergarten Curriculum includes the five main core areas of:

  1. Language and Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Personal and Social Development
  5. Creative Arts


However, because we have a longer school day and no PA days or early dismissals, we have time in our Kindergarten program for individualized help and for offering several Enrichment Activities including:

  1. Swimming Lesson program for our SK children
  2. French – many of our graduates choose to go into a French Immersion program
  3. Wiz-Tech Plus – a STEM program that we designed specifically at Brant back in the 1980s
  4. Roots & Shoots – a program that teaches children to care and show compassion for animals, the environment and the community
  5. Montessori Materials – used primarily in our Math and Life Skills programs
  6. Exploring the World – using the internet to bring the world to our students

So, do our students still have fun? The answer is “yes”. They have lots of time to play with friends. They are outside two or three times a day. And the teachers are always planning special events for them, from a Hundred Day Party, to a field trip, to Friday Treasure Day, to our Christmas and graduation concerts, to finding the Leprechaun’s Magic Dust!


Other Reasons to Choose Brant’s Kindergarten

Besides a strong Comprehensive Learning Curriculum. Brant’s Kindergarten has a number of other positive characteristics:

  • Separate JK and SK classes – that allow for more focused teaching
  • Small groups – providing a low teacher:child ratio and individualized attention for each child
  • Consistent environment – children don’t go to a separate Before or After School program
  • No PD days or Holidays – providing more teacher contact hours over the year



Brant’s Kindergarten includes Before and After School Care, snacks, lunches and all school supplies. If you factor in these costs PLUS the cost for PD Days and Holidays, you will find Brant’s Kindergarten not that expensive. Call for details.


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We are confident that your child will LOVE coming to Brant. Call 905-634-5518 to arrange for a visit. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

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