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Since the mid 1980’s, Brant has been interested in developing activities that today are called STEM, multi-disciplinary activities that include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We call these activities – WIZ-TECH CHALLENGES.

The idea of developing such a unique program that would foster a child’s creative thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills at Brant Children’s Centre came from Dr. Heather Knoepfli, Director.

"I have always been interested in creative thinking and how people evolve new ideas. I feared that, as societies gradually evolve in their complexity and all our lives become more and more dependent on these complexities (i.e. technology), our overall level of creativity would decrease." (Dr. Heather Knoepfli, 1988)

Initial ideas and writing started in 1988 with an active pilot project developed for the 1992 school year. Since that year, the program has evolved as an important component in all of Brant’s programs, beginning in the pre-school department.

"Wiz-Tech is a programming concept that aims to teach children how to be creative and, hence, how to think, to ask questions, and to look at the same situation in different ways. By exposing children to this process, we are helping them acquire the basic building blocks needed to become an intellectual thinker."

  • Central to Wiz-Tech are challenges, which a child or group of children have to meet.
  • Challenges expose children to different technologies and how to use them creatively.
  • The focus of Wiz-Tech is on process, not solution; there could be many different solutions to the problem or challenge.
  • Wiz-Tech is an open-ended, hands-on learning environment.
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