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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we answer some of the common questions asked by parents about our program. If you have a specific question that is not addressed, please feel free to contact us.


1. How long has your Centre been operating?

Brant Children’s Centre has been around since 1967. Heather and Peter Knoepfli have owned and managed Brant since 1980.


2. What is the registration process?

The first step is to complete a Registration Form, which you can find on our Registration page. You can mail or drop off the form to us. You can also arrange for a tour or a visit. Once a space becomes available, we will call you to arrange a time to come in to register.


3. Is there a waiting list?

We always have names on a waiting list. However, it depends on when a space is needed. Spaces are most available at the beginning of September, the start of our school year, and the beginning of summer, the start of our Summer Camp period. The best advice is to call and ask.


4. How are payments made?

We work on an “in-advance payment policy”. At registration, we take a registration fee and a security deposit of one or two weeks’ fees, depending on the program. After that, we only accept cash or post-dated cheques – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – by the term.


5. What happens if I am late?

We currently close at 5:30 PM. There is now a late fee for children picked up after this time. This payment is given directly to the staff who kindly agree to stay with your child.


6. How do you communicate with parents?

Communication is key. We are available to talk with parents on a daily basis. We send out monthly newsletters during the year and supervisors will circulate memos and notes regarding specific events and activities. We also use our bulletin boards and clip boards to provide information, and we will contact you directly if your youngster is sick, gets hurt or we simply want to talk to you about a particular concern. Our doors are always open, and we strive to make our parents as comfortable as possible to talk with us. It’s a team effort in working with children.


7. What are the qualifications of your staff?

The most important characteristic that we look for in hiring staff is empathy, love and compassion for young children. This trait and formal qualification don’t always go together! That being said, almost all of our staff have an ECE diploma and/or a University degree(s). Staff in our Kindergarten Department are also Teacher Certified. Most staff in our Kindergarten Department are OCT certified.


8. My child doesn’t like to nap. Is there something else he/she can do at nap time?

Our programs are very busy and require children to think, be involved and be active. Most cannot function effectively during the afternoon without a quiet time mid-day. Most of our children look forward to this time. However, some don’t nap, and for these children, we provide “Quiet Bags” with small items with which they can play quietly. There are no naps in our Kindergarten program.


9. Do you help with toilet training?

Absolutely! It’s a team effort.


10. I noticed that you have dogs. My child is afraid of dogs. How do you handle this?

We are on our fifth generation of golden retrievers here at the Centre. These gentle dogs provide a warm welcome to everyone who comes through the front door. If your child is apprehensive, we will work to help that child overcome his or her concern. We don’t force children to interact with the dogs if they don’t want to. Over the years, we have found very few children who don’t absolutely love these dogs once they get to know them. They look at them as their own if they don’t have a dog at home. The dogs provide great therapy for children who are upset or not feeling well. They are a wonderful resource for teaching children respect for animals, as part of our Roots & Shoots program.

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