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Why You Should Enroll Your Child in BRANT’S MORNING PRE-SCHOOL

Research has indicated that the early years are critical for successful child development. Children need opportunities during their pre-school years to learn social skills and to develop effective language and communication skills. Much of this learning takes place when children socialize with other children and that is why a structured Pre-School experience is so important.


Brant’s Morning Pre-School is designed to assist your child in becoming Kindergarten Ready. Within small groups, our experienced staff provide an array of activities, from teaching your child how to hold a pencil correctly, learning numbers and patterning skills, and participating in sorting and matching activities. We help your child develop fine motor skills through art projects and sensory exploration and language skills through phonetic activities, rhyming, songs and games. Our focus is to create a welcoming and fun environment so that your child will want to come to each school day.


We Also Meet a Range of Parental Needs

Our Morning Pre-School is an ideal resource for parents (and grandparents who care for young children) who need a few hours a day to run errands, attend appointments or simply have an opportunity to relax.


You can choose 2-mornings, 3-mornings, 4-mornings or 5-mornings per week. You also can customize your child’s program:

  • Monday to Friday – will include activities from our Comprehensive Learning curriculum
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – will include Roots & Shoots and an Introduction to French.
  • Mondays and Wednesdays – will include Jr. Wiz-Tech and Music and Movement.
  • Every Friday – will include an Enrichment Activity.


Brant’s Morning Pre-School is inexpensive. We try to keep fees low so that all parents can afford a pre-school experience for their child.


How to Contact Us for More Information

If you have any question about Brant Pre-School or would like to arrange a TOUR, just call us at 905-634-5518. Or, you can email us at Our motto at Brant Pre-School is A Happy Place to Grow and Learn.

The Book Area at Our Pre-School

This Is One of Our Classrooms

The Art Area for Pre-Schoolers

Boy playing with blocks during our half day pre-school in Burlington

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