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Montessori Activities

Although Brant is not a Montessori school, we have a lot of Montessori materials and believe in many of the principles of the Montessori approach to teaching.


Some of the materials (binomial cube, cylinder blocks, geometric solids, Hundred Board, Golden Beads) are excellent for teaching math concepts.


The Montessori approach –freedom within limits– teaches self-confidence, independence and respect for materials. It also reinforces the need for children to tidy their work space before proceeding to a new activity.


Children like to explore lessons at their own pace through specially designed materials.


The teacher can be effective by observing children and not intervening when a child is involved in a constructive activity.


At Brant, we use our Montessori materials primarily in our Kindergarten program. The main curriculum components that we incorporate Montessori activities are Life Skills, Language and Literacy and Mathematics.

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