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Mathematical concepts and principles are a puzzle to many adults. At Brant, we believe that if basic math concepts are introduced in the early years clearly and in a simple to more difficult sequence, young children can grasp numbers, numeration, basic measurement principles, the importance of patterning and organization or data management.

We use The Learning Carpet as a primary resource in our mathematics program, starting in the Pre-School Department.

In our Kindergarten Program, we use a number of Montessori materials to reinforce math concepts and to teach children to problem-solve independently.

  • By the end of the SK year, our students have:
  • explored numbers to 100 and 100s to 1000,
  • explored ordinal numbers beyond 10,
  • used materials not necessarily familiar to the learner,
  • explored some basic abstract math concepts that we feel are important to learn at an early age.

"Mathematics helps children make sense of their world. Understanding math concepts at an early age sets a foundation for mathematical understanding in later years. More complicated areas of mathematics, such as calculus and trigonometry, are understood only if the individual has a firm grasp of basic math concepts." (Dr. H. Knoepfli, 2004)

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