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French Language Program

“Research shows that learning a new language helps people’s first language.” (Suzanne Majhanovich, Professor of Education, University of Western Ontario)

Learning a second language stimulates the brain and brain stimulation leads to cognitive development. At Brant, French was the natural choice for a second language, given that we live in Canada.

We also encourage parents who speak a different first language than English to continue teaching their child/children their native language at home. Languages are much easier to learn when we are young, and they will be an asset in later life if we want to travel or become a global citizen.

“Learning a second language – or a third or fourth – it’s easy baggage to carry around!” (Air Commodore D. Blaine)

Although our aim is not to make our graduates bilingual, there are several benefits from the program:

  • Children develop an appreciation for people, that different people speak different languages.
  • Children graduate with a basic vocabulary in French and confidence and interest to learn more.
  • Many of our graduates go to French Immersion in Grade One and do very well.
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