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Computers at Brant

Technology is evolving at a head-spinning pace. Technology is key to every child’s future. We hear of smart boards or interactive digital whiteboards in schools. Some schools are starting to use social media and blogs in their teaching. Others are giving their students iPads or computers so that they can be completely wired into the internet and to each other. This appears to be the future.

At Brant, we want our children first to learn to communicate, to respect each other and, in short, to develop strong social skills. This is the foundation for learning and success in later years. Technology should be a resource, but it can’t trump the need for personal interaction. That is why you won’t see smart boards or iPads at Brant, even though there are some schools for young children where this seems to be the trend.

What we do have at Brant is a computer lab where we use age-appropriate and effective interactive software to reinforce specific goals in our curriculum.

But, we limit use of computer lab to our kindergarten students. Younger students learn best directly from a teacher.

We use the computer lab primarily to reinforce language skills and math skills.

The side benefit is that the children also develop good mouse skills and good eye-hand coordination skills. Both will be valuable as they enter the older grades and have the opportunity to use more technological resources.

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