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Junior Pre-School Program

Our Junior Pre-School group includes the younger students of the Pre-School Department. They have graduated from the infant and toddler department and are ready to take on more challenging activities.

Brant’s Junior Pre-School Language Program focuses on the first building block of learning to read, which is phonetic awareness and sounds. We use a multisensory approach along with Alphabet Kid characters to connect specific sounds with a likeable and known character such as “s” is for Simon Seal!

In Junior Pre-School, we continue:

• vocabulary development program,

• mathematics – numbers and numeration and shapes,

• personal and social development,

• art and music.

We also start:

• Roots & Shoots,

• Simple Science Experiments.

“The knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the 21st century begin in a child’s formative years. As never before, children need a sound foundation and the ability to read and reason. These are fundamental goals of Brant Children’s Centre.” (Dr. Heather Knoepfli, 2001)

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Our Jr. Pre-school classroom

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