We Provide High Quality Child Care in Burlington

Learn About Brant Children's Centre in Burlington

Most parents want to give their children a head start in life-and educational programs can provide just that. In a 1999 study, Margaret Norrie McCain and Dr. Fraser Mustard found that a child's first few years of school, particularly the first three years, are the foundation for brain development and learning potential.
While this may sound like an intimidating prospect, you have many educational outlets to help your child develop cognitive skills. Brant Children's Centre provides a full range of programs in Burlington, for infants to school-aged children, to help your child get the most out of these developmental years.

Our Programs
Brant Children's Centre has worked with thousands of students who now lead successful educational and professional careers around the world. Your children can take advantage of the same programs they did, from the core areas of language and literacy, mathematics, science and technology, personal and social development, and the arts to the many enrichment activities offered:
  • Roots & Shoots Environmental Program
  • Computer Technology
  • Music and Movement
  • Our Problem-Solving Wiz-Tech Program
  • French Classes
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Mathematics Using Montessori Materials
  • Science Experiments

Whether you explore our Infant program or full-time Kindergarten, you'll find a few principles that guide all Brant Children's Centre programs in Burlington:
  • Every child has potential.
  • We encourage curiosity and desire to learn.
  • Teachers teach to the individual since children learn differently – and at different speeds.
  • Child care professionals have a responsibility to stretch children's minds.

These guidelines form the backbone of all Brant Children's Centre programs. They support each child's social and emotional growth and aim to develop each child to his or her full potential.

Call for More Information
For more information on Brant's child care programs, don't hesitate to call 905-634-5518. Our staff will welcome a chance to speak with you and give you a tour around our main centre. If you feel comfortable, bring your child with you so he or she can see the surroundings – and get to play while you learn more.