We Provide High Quality Child Care in Burlington

In 1999, Dr. Fraser Mustard and Margaret Norrie McCain published their first Early Years Study. The findings were significant. They pointed to the importance of a child’s first years, particularly the first three years, in terms of brain development and establishing a cognitive foundation for later success.
Such findings are the reason why Brant’s programming, from the Infant Program through to our K2 (or SK) Program, aims to stimulate and challenge. This is even a focus of our programs for before and after school in Burlington. Principles behind our Burlington child care programming include:
   • Never underestimate a child’s ability and interest to learn.
   • Children learn differently and at different rates; teach to the “individual” in each child.
   • The teacher has a responsibility to open doors and to stretch children’s minds.
   • Build on a child’s innate curiosity, but don’t hesitate to include themes and activities
     beyond his or her immediate play experience.

Brant understands that our world is changing at an accelerated rate. Children increasingly will need to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers.

Brant’s program frameworks are the backbone behind all of our child care in Burlington. They include the five main curriculum areas – personal and social development, language, mathematics, science and technology, and the arts. However, they are designed to help children holistically where academics are coupled with character development and confidence building.