Enroll Your Child in Our Burlington Pre-School

Our Pre-School Program continues to build on and reinforce the skills learned from our Junior Pre-School Program. Curriculum areas include:

   • language and literacy skills through our Learning to Read Program,
   • vocabulary development,
   • printing skills,
   • math skills – adding patterning and measurement activities to the program,
   • personal development skills – where sharing becomes important,
   • cognitive skills through our “Brain Building” activities,
   • science exploration and experimentation,
   • the arts – painting, music and drama.

Roots & Shoots is continued as an enrichment activity.

New to the program is French. In addition, Wiz-Tech, an activity that promotes problem-solving, is introduced.

Our teaching is done in small groups to encourage the children to focus on the importance of listening and waiting one’s turn. A typical day will see the children participate in three teaching rotations in the morning and two rotations in the afternoon.

By the time the children have completed our Pre-School Program, they are ready and eager for the challenges that lie ahead in Brant’s Academic Kindergarten in Burlington.