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Advantages of a Private Academic Kindergarten Program in Burlington

The Long-Term Payoff

The aim of most parents is to provide their children with an education that will lead them to become capable, confident, and self-reliant adults. When we provide children with opportunities in Kindergarten to learn to read, to acquire basic mathematical concepts, to develop confidence and, finally, have a good general knowledge of the world around them, we give them the knowledge and skills to be successful in Grade One and beyond. That should be the objective of every Kindergarten program. If parents want to give their child a strong foundation for all later learning, choose an Academic Kindergarten that sets a high standard for excellence.

The Academic Educational Edge

A Private Academic Kindergarten in Burlington offers far more than just time for play and child-directed activities. This is not to say that play isn’t important. It is very important. But, equally important is a curriculum that focuses on core knowledge and basic skills that are a prerequisite for later learning. For example, learning to read is a critical skill. We learn through the written word, whether it is in a book, on the blackboard, on a website or in a text message on an IPhone. Children need to be able to read to be successful! When they enter Grade 1 as a beginner reader, they will have the foundation for success.

There are five areas that are important in a Kindergarten program:

1. Language and Literacy – Recognizing phonemes, then words, and finally sentences are the building blocks for learning to read. Exposure to a second language is also beneficial.

2. Mathematics – Numeration, patterning, measurement and the organization of data are skills that children should begin to acquire in their early years.

3. Science and Technology – Exposure to the principles of scientific querying and problem solving should be key components in Kindergarten. Early computer literacy is important as is some exposure to the concept of STEM education (an interdisciplinary and applied approach to solving problems).

4. The Arts – There should be a great amount of time to explore the Arts through painting, crafts, music and movement.

5. Personal and Social Development – Young children need to develop respect for property, empathy towards others and an ethic to do one’s best.

A quality Private Academic Kindergarten in Burlington includes all of the above areas in its curriculum.

A Leader Among Academic Kindergarten Programs

Brant Children’s Centre in Burlington sets and maintains the bar for Academic Kindergartens in Burlington and elsewhere. Our school has been offering an Academic Kindergarten for over 30 years. We have graduated thousands of children who have achieved success in their educational journey. Many have returned as young adults to thank us for their “head start”. Call us today to book a tour and see for yourself the difference we can make for your child.